24 de enero de 2011

Black, grey, white

The black, grey and white are three different colours, the same happen with the days. They are never the same.

DSCF7703 - copia

You can have a black day,oouuu this is an ugly day...I don't like them at all!But the only thing you can do is to SMILE!Ajá!:)Next day will be better!


You can have a grey day, this one isn't bad, but...be careful!!Because is not a happy day!So, you just have to SMILE!:)Next day will be better!


And finally, you can have a white day, this one won't be a happy day, no!This white day will be the day where you'll see the light!You will know that everything is gonna be ok, you'll be happy because you will feel like flying among the clouds and the birds!That anything bad can happen...That day you don't have to SMILE, because you're SMILING!:)Next day will be better!



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