10 de enero de 2011


Monday again, I mean, a normal, usual Monday.


There're not more Christmas parties until next year.And now?What is gonna happen?It's a new year, 2011 is already here!I can't believe how is the time going on...a year, another year...It's amazing!


Usually people expect some things for new year, but I don't really expect anything, well, that's not true, I'm sorry!I would like a lot of things become true this year, but I don't want to lie me, 'cause it would be worst for me, I prefer to be realistic!Maybe some things are gonna be real, but some not.So, I will be very very positive, I'll try!Everything can happen...or not?YES!!I'm positive now:)Everything is gonna be ok if I believe...and I believe!!

Photos:David Hamilton

The daily rutine has come back, I'm really happy, strange...but real!!
I've missed my german and yoga classes!I hate staying all day at home!!
So...let's go!(:


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