13 de diciembre de 2009

Gift of a friend

Sometimes you think you'll be find by yourself
Cause a dream is a wish you make all alone
It's easy to feel like you don't need help
But it's harder to walk on your own

The world comes to life
and everythings alright
From beginning to end
When you have a friend
By your side
That helps you to find
The beauty of all
When you'll open your heart and
Believe in
The gift of a friend

Someone Who knows When Your Lost and Your Scared
There through The Highs and The Lows
Someone You Can Count On, Someone Who Cares
Besides You Where Ever You Go

The World Comes To Life
and Everythings Alright
From Beginning To End
When You Have a Friend
By Your Side
That Helps You To Find
The Beauty Of All
When You'll Open Your Heart and
Believe in
The Gift of a Friend

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